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Indoor Photos

Second Floor Rooms

The Talcott Suite

Fully furnished Talcott Suite, including couch, chairs, fireplace, chandelier, artwork, and dressers

The Lavender Room

A room with lavender walls, a fireplace, a chandelier, and large windows with built in shutters and curtains

The Rodman Suite

Our second fully furnished suite with furniture, decorations, and historical artifacts

The Army Room

The Army Room can be accessesd by both the Talcott and Rodman suites and contains a large wooden table in the center from the 19th century

The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room is another large open room on the second level of the Mansion included with private rentals

1st Upstairs Bathroom
(between Talcott and Lavender)

A full bathroom with green walls and tile floors

2nd Upstairs Bathroom
(between Rodman and Taupe)

A full bathroom with a glass shower, built in shutters, and tile flooring

First Floor Rooms

Photographer: Dan Nystedt

Dining Room

The Mansion's dining room showcases original wooden floors, built in storage displays, and floral wallpaper


Our study is a quiet pocket of seating overlooking the circular driveway at the front of the property

Front Parlor

The front parlor showcases a crstal chandelier, floor to ceiling windows, large mirrors, an eight foot alcove, and fireplace with mantle

Rear Parlor

Adjourns the front parlor with an additional chandelier, fireplace, and exit doors into the main foyer

Foyer and Grand Staircase

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